Are futons still popular? Bring out the beauties

Several decades have passed since futons arrived in the West, but remain popular among college students, young professionals who are just starting with their careers, and families with limited space because of their affordability, flexibility, and multi-functionality.

Its decades-long widespread popularity can be seen with the large selection of futons available in different sizes, designs, and colors that would fit any type of décors sold in various shops and furniture stores including IKEA, Walmart, Wayfair, and more.

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What is there not to love? Imagine having to buy both a bed and a couch for the price of one, plus the ease and comfort of moving your furniture from one spot to another.

Top that off with the futon’s multipurpose space-saving seating and sleeping functions, making it ideal furniture for small homes, apartments, and dorms. They are even a great addition to living rooms.

But did you know that futons are no longer just bought for their affordability and space-saving feature?

In the early 2000s, futons became so popular with Westerners because of their minimalistic design and touted health benefits users get from having quality sleep.

This high demand has brought to life innovations and updates to futons that you can now find futons more expensive than traditional couches and bed frames with mattresses. 

Advantages of having futons

With futons, you are no longer limited – you have options.

  • You can buy futons in various sizes and choose something that fits your needs and intended purpose. 
  • Choose between an organic or more affordable mattress to offer a comfortable bed for family and friends in need of a place to crash the night. 
  • Because of its removable slipcover, you can change the color, design, and fabric to make it fit right in with the room décor and other furniture. 
  • When you have guests staying for the night, you can easily convert a home office into a cozy guest room by unfolding the futon you are using as a couch during work hours.
Are futons still popular? Bring out the beauties 1

 When futons come to the rescue

There are many instances when futons could have saved you (if you only had one).

Here are some situations when futons come in handy:

  • When hosting parties and annual events. You never know, but there might be a time when you have a guest who lives in an area where traveling at night is difficult and need a place to stay until morning comes.

    If you have a futon at home, you can easily convert a spare bedroom into a comfy guest room without making your guest feel uncomfortable sleeping on your living room couch.
  • Use the playroom as a slumber hub when your kids’ friends come over to sleep over.
  • You live in a tight space and have a tighter budget to work with. With futons, you now have the option to buy affordable furniture that doubles as a bed and a couch, and sometimes a dining area.

    Because of its versatility, you not only save money on furniture, but you also save on much-needed floor space when it is folded.
  • If you need to move frequently, a futon is a great option since it is light, convertible, and easier to move than a bed or a sleeper sofa
  • When your children visit during college breaks and you have already converted their rooms into something else.