How to Sleep After a Hair Straightening?

There are many hair straightening techniques in the fashion industry these days but one of the most popular ones is the Japanese hair straightening technique. It is quite a detailed process to treat wavy or curly hair.

It has been used for a number of years in Japan but recently it has become a trend all over the globe. It is always a consideration to care for your hair even after you have gone through the treatment so you are able to get the maximum benefit.

There are multiple things you have to take care of but one of the most important questions is how to sleep after a Japanese hair straightening properly after getting such a treatment.

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Your hair would directly get in touch with the bed, couch, or pillow so you have to make sure that you aren’t doing anything that would ruin the effects of the treatment.

In this treatment, you treat your hair with extreme heat and you have to need to take the necessary precautions for a few days before you can go back to your normal routine.

Any kind of moisture or washing your hair carelessly in the first 3 days after the treatment can become a tricky business.

We have tried to gather a few tips on how to get the maximum out of this process. You can learn from these tips and move away from all the dangers or cons resulting from carelessness after going through the hair straightening process.

Use a Smooth Pillow

sleeping in smooth pillow

When you are trying to sleep the closest contact your hair has is the pillow so it is important that you are using the right one.

After the treatment, it is suggested to use a silk pillow not only because it is soft but there are no side effects. The hair is really sensitive after the treatment so even a little bit of friction can be really annoying.

Try not to move a lot while sleeping although it may not be really in your control as you are no longer in control while sleeping.

Still, if you have this thought in your mind when you are going to sleep it would definitely improve the chances of your hair not getting tangled with the pillow cover.

Control the Temperature of the Room

Right after the treatment, it is important that you are staying in a cool environment because the wet hair can become curly quite quickly so you need to avoid sweat and humidity as much as possible.

The sweating is linked with room temperature so turn your air conditioner on if you live in an area with hot weather or you can also use a fan to keep the air flowing.

It is all about the place where you live so the solution can vary.

The main thing is to avoid humidity as much as possible and keep the temperature under control.

Combing the Hair After Treatment

combing hair after treatment

Once you are going to sleep it would be recommended to comb your hair because that would really help you to get the maximum benefit of Japanese hair treatment.

Combing the hair can separate them from each other and in this way, there are fewer chances of them tangling and making a mess for you.

There is no need to use a special comb because you have straight hair now. All you need to do is to avoid going back to the curly hair.

With a little bit of care, you won’t even need to comb your hair before going to sleep but it is important to do it for at least three days after the hair straightening.

Use a Hair Dryer

Combing before going to sleep is important but once you wake up you need to use a hairdryer to make sure that you’ve got yourself in style. Remember, the initial days after going through this process will determine the longevity of the treatment.

You can use a hairdryer while combing so you can separate hair from each other and there are no waves.

It would also dry any kind of sweat on your scalp. Just don’t turn the heat all the way up because that may cause permanent damage. A low or medium-low setting would be enough to do the job for you.

Cover your Head

While you are going to sleep it would also be beneficial to cover your hair with a silk cloth. We have already mentioned the benefits of the silk pillow but covering your hair could really amp the benefits up.

In this way, you would have double protection against any kind of risks and increase the benefits of the hair straightening process.

The softness of silk will make it easier to get through a difficult few days because you have to be careful while sleeping.

Sleep on Your Back

It is not necessary but it is recommended to sleep on your back for a few days after the Japanese hair straightening. Although everyone sleeps in a different position but sleeping on your back would definitely decrease the chances of getting your hair tangled in any manner.

This is the ideal way to sleep for a few days before you can go back to your normal routine. We know that it could be difficult for a number of people but when you have put in so much effort you should not be afraid of trying to maintain the impact of the treatment.


All of these suggestions are based on our research and we have studied the experiences of various people who have been in the same situation as you are.

Although there is no guarantee that all of these recommendations would work for you, we are quite sure that none of them have any side effects on the hair straightening process.

Don’t try to wet your hair for a few days and avoid using any kind of gel or mousse. The hair products can have a reaction so you need to avoid the risks for a while.

Once you are sure that you have gone through the first 3 days without damaging your hair in any way you can go back to your routine and start washing your hair.