What are the Japanese beauty secrets for glowing skin?

Japanese are known all around the world for their cuteness and their glowing skin. Especially after the anime culture has taken over the world. People from every country love anime and it has become the representation of Japan.

The Japanese boy bands are as popular as the Korean boy bands. Although we have to acknowledge natural beauty, there are a few skincare secrets that help them retain their beauty.

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Today we would be talking about these Japanese beauty secrets for glowing skin. We would be revealing all of these secrets and you would be astonished to know that you can also get such glowing skin by following these skincare routines.

They are not really difficult routines and you can easily incorporate them into your daily life so let’s get started.

Taking Care of Your Digestion

kocha kinoko

The Japanese cuisine doesn’t include a lot of spices that could be really harmful to your stomach and increase the pH.

The increased pH can be lethal for your skin because if your stomach is disturbed it would have a direct effect on your skin. You would get frequent pimples, blackheads, and dark spots that can be extremely difficult to treat.

In addition, you would have to take a number of skin medicines that would make the problem much worse. If you are able to work on your stomach and digestion you would be able to save yourself from a number of skin issues.

It is quite common in Japan to have green tea once a day and also keep spices to a minimum in their cuisines.

They also include fruits like oranges, apples, bananas, etc. in their daily routine because these are really good for your stomach. They also use a special kind of tea known as “kocha kinoko” as a probiotic to help them balance their gut situation.

It may not be available in your region but you just have to make sure that you are not disturbing the natural balance of your gut system.

Try to eat healthily and it may be difficult because you have to change your eating habits along with spending a bit more on green food but it is necessary to look for such alternatives.

Using Body Lotion

Body lotion may not be a popular product around the globe but it is really popular in Japan. They have included it in their daily skincare routine just like moisturizers in most parts of the world.

The lotion is similar to moisturizer but it has a more liquid texture and you have to put it on your skin after cleansing.

The lotion provides lightweight protection against any kind of clogging for the skin and they don’t need to use a moisturizer. You can churn out multiple benefits out of the lotion which is not possible when you are using a moisturizer.

You just need to do a bit of research and find a product that also offers you the hydration provided by a normal moisturizer.

Using a Sunscreen

sunscreen lotion

Japan as a country is obsessed with fair skin and with the humid climate, they have in most parts of the country they have to use sunscreen to get protection against harmful sun rays.

You may have heard that the Europeans are obsessed with beauty and anti-again products but you would be astonished to see the number of such products in the Japanese drugstores.

The only difference is that most of these products are sunscreens providing SPF 50 protection. A majority of these products come in the form of a gel so they don’t bother you with the chalkiness and you can easily include them in your daily routine.

Some of the popular brands are Allie and Shiseido.

Now you may ask the question that when they are already using a lotion why do they need proper sunscreen products?

The answer is that sunscreen is different from lotions and it provides special protection against harmful sun rays that isn’t possible with a lotion. The best thing about these Japanese products is that they easily get absorbed in your skin and they don’t clog it in any way.

In short, you don’t want a product that stays on your skin in such humid weather. The watery texture of these sunscreens makes them unique and you may not be able to find them anywhere else in the world.

You have to import them directly from Tokyo but the results are so worth it especially if you live in a hot and humid region.

Limited Use of Makeup

light makeup

If you have watched the traditional theatre or films of Japan you may have gotten the idea that the females use a lot of makeup just to look fair but it is quite a wrong depiction.

Most of the females in Japan use a minimum amount of makeup and mostly just fake eyelashes. Although they naturally have beautiful skin it is part of taking care of it that they don’t want to apply a number of chemicals on their skin.

Even if they have to use makeup they always use it to complement their facial features instead of trying to change them. This doesn’t require you to put up with a number of skincare products.

The more makeup you use the more cleansing your skin needs because most of the time these products are not organic.

The chemicals always have an adverse impact when it comes to the long term. Japanese are really careful in this matter and they prefer to go with the lighter use of makeup.

One of the solutions could be to buy Japanese skincare products or makeup products because they do not contain a lot of chemicals. In this way, you would be able to follow their beauty care routines and you don’t have to deal with a number of chemicals as well.

Overall, it is all about preferring your natural health and skin over anything and you would be able to get glowing skin. This doesn’t sound really difficult, does it?

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