How do the Japanese wash their hair?

Japanese are well-known around the globe for their fresh-looking skin and beautiful hair.

Everyone wants to know the Japanese hair care routine so they can also have such beautiful hair but you need to really dig deep to find out that it is more about their daily life routine.

It is important to know that the Japanese as a nation have incorporated vitamins and a healthy diet in their routine.

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Most people never skip fruits that provide them the necessary vitamins and they also use green tea for skin and hair nourishment. Different types of oils especially camellia oil are essential in their hair care routine and that really helps them.

camellia oil

Now the question is how could you incorporate the same routine if you live in a different part of the world? Well, an important thing to find out here is how do Japanese wash their hair.

You would be surprised to know that there isn’t a special technique but the only difference is that they like to do it once or twice every day.

Yes, it may be astonishing for you if you live in Europe or America.

Most people living in the West do not consider it a good practice to wash your hair on a daily basis especially if you are using conditioner and shampoo (read our article on What are the best Japanese shampoo brands).

A majority of shampoo products contain strong chemicals that can be harmful to your hair. This is the reason behind the tendency of not washing the hair on a daily basis. The Japanese act a bit differently in this situation.

The weather of the area plays an important role in this situation as well. In Japan, it is mostly humid and hot so it would be difficult not to take a bath on a daily basis.

The humidity brings in sweat and without taking a bath you wouldn’t feel really fresh. Although it is kind of the same in the rest of the Asian countries still the Japanese are known for it.

They are not hesitant in using shampoo products but they take care of the fact that their shampoo doesn’t contain a lot of chemicals.

They are more inclined towards using products that contain natural ingredients such as vitamins and oil but they are reluctant towards using something strong having sulfates.

Although strong shampoo products may offer an easy solution, they are not good for the long term and the Japanese know it.

Moving on to how Japanese wash their hair we have discussed their tendency to use less chemically empowered products.

They are also really keen on massaging their head while they are using shampoo and for a longer bit of time.

Normally, we just put on the shampoo and the instant lather prompts us to rinse through but that is not the Japanese way.

They take their time while they are taking a bath and spend most of it on their hair. It would also be important to note that they do not use a huge amount of shampoo every time.

They just take a small amount of their shampoo made from natural ingredients and then they mix water with it.

Mixing the water further decreases the harmfulness of the chemicals if there are any. Then once they put the shampoo on their head they start massaging their head.

It gives the shampoo a chance to reach the hair roots and the scalp. It also provides you a sense of calmness when you are just focusing on massaging your scalp instead of just getting out of the bathroom as quickly as possible.

washing hair with shampoo

The massage enhances the lather formation and you are also able to see that your effort is providing the required results.

They are keen on producing as much lather as they from a small amount of shampoo because it means that they have been successful in reaching their scalp.

Once they are sure that they have been able to massage properly they just like to give it more time to settle in. This is a crucial part because for a few minutes, they just take a pause and in the meanwhile, they brush their teeth.

Once they are done with they finally start the rinsing process as they are confident that the shampoo has reached the scalp.

They just slow down the shower a bit so they can actually feel that they have been able to rinse through every bit of the shampoo.

In this manner, they are able to treat their scalp with the help of vitamins as well. This is why most of the Japanese have strong hair and you can especially notice it among their celebrities.

The Japanese don’t believe in doing anything half-heartedly and they take the hair washing in the same way.

After properly rinsing the hair they do not get out of the bathroom instantly but they start massaging their head again.

It helps them to dry their hair quickly so that they don’t have to use the hairdryer in extreme heat settings.

The massage further strengthens their hair and it is also important because you are able to know whether all the shampoo in your hair is gone or not.

If you feel that there is some shampoo or lather left you need to wash it again because if you don’t it could be harmful to you in the long term.

Japanese are quite into styling so after completing the hair wash they use a blow dryer to dry their hair. A notable thing is that they never use such a product or any similar one in its extreme heat settings.

They believe more in drying the hair with the help of the head massage and they just rely on such products for styling.

As a nation, they also believe in brushing their hair multiple times a day.

This habit offers them protection against any kind of residual chemicals on their scalp.