What are the top Japanese beauty standards?

There are a few universal trends of beauty all around the world. These trends differ for all the genders but a few of them are the same.

For example, tall height, clear skin, good hair, etc. Although every region and country differs from one another in terms of these trends.

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The citizens of Asian countries prefer anyone with fair skin over dark-skinned people and the citizens of the West prefer anyone having tan skin.

These are a few generalized concepts that may not work for everyone but the trends do apply to the majority of the people.

The Japanese also have a few beauty trends. The Japanese society may seem really down to earth but the people do prefer someone having a few qualities which we would discuss in this piece of content.

Cuteness is the Priority

The Japanese are still traditional to the core and even if they seem to adhere to the modern trends in the world they prefer cuteness over anything. It doesn’t matter whether you are from one gender or another, this beauty standard is considered by everyone.

They love people who are a bit shy and have an overpitched voice. You would even witness people making their voices overpitched just to be loved by others. Even their mascots and toys are cute, for example, “Hello Kitty” and similar other things.

It is part of their society and cuteness may have different meanings for everyone but some of these characteristics we have described have to be part of the personality if someone wants to be popular in Japan.

They are also a bit reluctant in accepting people from other races so they prefer Japanese over anyone in the world.

Caucasian Eyes / Large Eyes

Japanese beauty

The Japanese girls are obsessed with having Caucasian eyes. They are so into it that many of them go for plastic surgery just to remove the Asian eyelid that makes their eyes look smaller.

A cute Japanese girl with proper Caucasian eyes is considered the epitome of beauty in their society.

The girls know that they have to be Japanese in order not to get anything against them in their society but a bit of plastic surgery works for them.

In addition, they also play with the hair color to get a lighter tone of hair as compared to their original one.

It is also considered cute and the combination of clear skin, lighter hair tone, and big eyes have become really popular over the years. It may seem like an impossible beauty standard but this is how it is right now in Japan.

Fair Skin is a Must

This is something that is evident in most Asian countries, the love of fair skin. Even if you look at the traditional Geisha characters from Japanese folklore, they are snow-white females loved by the males in the society.

The traditional dramas or films in Japan have these characters that are so evident having lots of makeup just to get that European skin color but they are still preferred over the natural Asian skin tone.

In Europe or America, being tan might seem like a rich thing but in Japan, it means that you are from the worker class.

It definitely sounds controversial but the Japanese take the skin tone as a beauty standard and also your wealth standard.

Anyone having dark skin means that they are from a poor background and they don’t get the recognition that they deserve no matter how beautiful they are.

Popular cosmetics in Japan always contain elements that offer you light skin color even if it means damaging your skin on a permanent basis.

This would make it clear how obsessed the Japanese are with fair skin and the tradition is alive right up to this day.

Crystal Clear Skin

Japanese clear skin caring

You may not see most of the females in Japan wearing a lot of makeup but you would definitely see them wearing fake eyelashes.

This is due to the obsession with large eyes as we have discussed above. Another obsession the Japanese have is having clear skin. Another difficulty to attain beauty standards is because pimples and other skin-related issues are natural.

Although their daily diet and routine are quite suitable for having clear skin because of their daily vitamin intake but still if you don’t have clear skin you might not be considered beautiful in Japan.

Clear skin also plays around the concept of being cute which is considered a priority around the country.

A Small Face Cut

This might have to do something with the Japanese preference for their own country fellows in terms of beauty standards.

Traditionally, the Japanese were cut off from the world in the early 1600s for more than 200 years.

During these years the foreigners had limited to no access to Japan and that may be the reason why the citizens of Japan haven’t yet opened up to the other races when it comes to beauty standards.

Having a small face cut is also considered one of such traditional beauty standards. That definitely means that you have to be Japanese in order to be beautiful because there are very few countries that have such a face cut around the globe.

If you don’t have such a face cut you might have to go for surgery in order to be called beautiful in Japan.


This piece of content is written after comprehensive research of Japanese culture, traditions, media, and other digital outlets.

We have talked with a number of Japanese and tried to provide you with an overview of all the beauty standards in their country. We would love to get some feedback from your side so we can learn more about the subject.

If you know of any other beauty standard please share it with us in the comment section so we can include it in the next article.

On the other hand, if you don’t agree with us we would love to hear from you as well so that we would be able to improve in the coming pieces of content.